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breast cancer risk

The most common factors to impact breast cancer risk

For women in the US and Europe, the absolute risk of developing breast cancer is…

early detection of breast cancer

Early detection of breast cancer: current research shows promising new possibilities

State-organized early detection of breast cancer is evidently a successful project:…

dense breast tissue

Dense breast tissue in breast cancer screening: challenges and potential solutions

It’s a well-known radiology dilemma: Dense breast tissue makes it difficult to…

ai in medicine examples

7 fascinating examples showing how AI assists in medicine

From early cancer diagnosis to personalized therapies and accelerated drug…

medical liability

Medical liability in radiology: who is liable when and why?

Wherever people work, there will be mistakes – even in the medical field. If…

diagnostic mammogram

Early breast cancer detection: 8 steps to the perfect diagnostic mammogram

Mammograms are a core part of detecting breast cancer early, which can significantly…

AI in medicine

7 myths about AI in medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine: a subject that’s polarized the public and…

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 in Radiology: Proven quality of processes

ISO 9001 is the best known and most widely used international quality management…

breast cancer diagnosis

Breast cancer diagnosis: Serious mistakes to avoid

After confirming a breast cancer diagnosis, doctors face more major challenges: It’s…

patient data

Digitalization and data protection: How secure is my patient data in the USA and the EU?

Whether psychiatric diagnoses or lifestyle (drinking and smoking behavior), patient…


Mammography screening: Why better patient information is needed

Only about 65 percent of U.S. women over the age of 40 report having participated in…

healthcare workforce shortage

How the healthcare workforce shortage is jeopardizing the quality of breast cancer screening

The general shortage of healthcare professionals has also brought breast cancer…

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